“Our Proud Tradition and Future Promise”MVC-158S

Our story:
Ground was broken for St. Pius X Catholic School on Palm Sunday, March 25, 1956, having made the decision to build the school before building the church. When the school opened its doors in September of that same year, the faculty consisted of three Trinitarian Sisters and one lay teacher. The enrollment that year was 189 children. On March 16, 1958, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, graciously accepted missionary work of St. Pius X School. The I.H.M. Sisters, collaborating with a dedicated lay faculty, continue the administration of the school.

With the advent of a full teaching staff, the school expanded to accommodate additional grades. As enrollment increased, the building was modified to meet the needs of the children. Classrooms were added in 1962-63 and again in 1995. The student body averages 300, with students ranging from pre-kindergarten to grade 8.

The tradition of St. Pius X Catholic School has always been to provide quality education in an environment where children can strive to become responsible Christian adults. The administration and faculty, in conjunction with parents, continue to encourage and assist each child with spiritual, academic, physical and social development.