September 14, 2016

Student Accident Insurance

St. Pius X  Athletic Association (SPXAA) presents……..
1.  OPEN GYM Basketball Warm-Up for Grades 5th – 8th
2.  TCBL Basketball Camp at St. Pius X School for Grades 5th – 8th
3.  Basketball & Cheerleading Registration for Grades 3rd – 8th (Deadline to register 9/30/16)

Great American School Fundraiser – Kick off is this Friday, September 16th.
Students will receive an envelope with lots of great items to purchase.  You can purchase from the catalogs or purchase online.  Remember Christmas is right around the corner.  Stop shopping now!!

Lunch forms for the week of September 19th – September 23rd
Pre-K Lunch
K-8th Grade Lunch