September 6, 2017

Pius Press!

9-6-17 Newsletter

Lunch order forms for the week of Sept. 11th through Sept. 15th. All lunch order forms must be in by noon on Friday, Sept. 8th.

Pre-K Lunch

K-8 Grade Lunch

1st Session of after school activities. Start date: Sept 11th – Nov. 17th. Please see flyer for soccer shots and Message in Motion for their start and end dates.

1st Session of After School Activities Sept. 11 – Nov. 17

School Counseling and Guidance Services: Information and Permission.

Counselor Jeanna Hill Intro letter St

2017-2018 SAP Parent Opt-out Letter

Blood Drive, Wednesday, Sept. 27th. Pint-size Hero – Hope begins with you!

Blood Drive

Middle School Fees

Middle School 6th Grade

Middle School 7th Grade

Middle School 8th Grade

Scantron – A parents guide to performance series.