SPX Athletic Association

 Our association members for the current school year:

Mark Zafra, Principal
Shannon Jordan, President
Danielle Kidwell, Vice President
Laurel Masterson, Treasurer
Amanda Kelly, Secretary
Scott Black, Sports Coordinator/TCBL Rep.
Donovan Lenaghan, Facilities Coordinator
Sandra Hurd, Concessions Manager
Teresa Vachon, Volunteer Coordinator
Katy Burfield, Parish Liaison
Shelley Lomogda, Faculty Liaison

Members At Large:
Kate Adams
James Cooksey
Carmen Alegria
Marisa Jimenez
Cody Allen
Megan Lachman
Melanie Brown
Michelle Phillips
Kevin Collier

The purpose of athletic programs at the parish or school level in the diocese is to help participants further develop their innate athletic abilities and to learn invaluable lessons of teamwork, leadership, cooperation, services and sportsmanship.

Athletic competition among parish schools will result in players, coaches, and spectators developing a better sense of Christian sportsmanship while realizing an important aspect of the virtue charity.

St. Pius X offers a variety sporting activities with basketball drawing the largest number of participants.  As a member of the Tidewater Catholic Basketball League, our season runs from October to February.  Teams for both boys and girls in grades three through eight are formed and assigned to a division within the TCBL where they compete against teams in the same division from other Hampton Roads Catholic schools.

Youth Division (3rd and 4th grade)
Junior Division (5th and 6th grade)
Senior Division (7th and 8th grade)

Throughout the summer months, basketball clinics are offered to help our athletes polish their skills and remain active.

For our kindergarten through 2nd grade athletes, we offer a Pee-Wee Basketball program during the month of March. Players from each of the eligible grades form co-ed teams.  Clinics are provided to introduce these young athletes to skills such as dribbling, shooting and passing.  Over a four week period, pee-wee teams play one game each week where teamwork and sportsmanship begin to develop.

At St. Pius X, we also offer a variety of other sports to keep athletes active throughout the school year.  In addition to basketball, the fall also brings cross-country, volleyball and soccer while sports such as track and field, golf and field hockey emerge in the spring.

Each year we work hard to grow our athletic program, improve the infrastructure and encourage participation for athletes of all levels.