2.0paymentplanlogoAll families MUST register with FACTS at FACTS Tuition Management. All existing accounts from 2018 -2019 will automatically be re-enrolled in FACTS and the applicable
fee will be charged to the FACTS account.

St. Pius X families have the following options for paying tuition:
• a one time yearly payment (no FACTS fees apply) or
• two semi-annual payments (a one-time $10 FACTS fee
applies) or
• eleven monthly payments with the first payment due on JULY 5th or 20th, 2019 and the final payment due on May 5th or 20th, 2020(a one-time $43 FACTS fee applies).

FACTS Management Company and its subsidiaries provide a payment program for schools across the country. Because FACTS is not a loan program, there is no debt incurred and no credit search. There are no interest or finance charges assessed by FACTS on the unpaid balance. St Pius X School has contracted with FACTS Management Company to provide various payment options for you. 

2019-2020 PK3 – PK4 Tuition Rates
2019-2020 K -8 Tuition Rates

Admissions Information and Registration Form

In addition the following fees are due to the school on an annual basis:
• Registration Fee (charged per child and due at the time of registration)
• Activity Fee (due July 1st)

Tuition Assistance
To be eligible for tuition assistance, a family must be a registered and participating member of the
St. Pius X Parish. Students who are receiving tuition assistance must maintain passing grades academically as well as in conduct and effort for each quarter of the school year. If this expectation is not met, the tuition assistance will be revoked. It is the obligation of the parents to finance the child’s education to the extent that they are able and to assist the school or the parish with volunteer work.

To apply for tuition assistance you must complete the application form at Application forms must be filed each year that assistance is requested. If financial assistance is no longer needed during the course of the school year, please notify the Tuition Assistance Committee so that the funds may be channeled to other families.

Financial aid funds come from St. Pius X Parish’s subsidy to the school, tuition assistance funds, donations to the school and fund raising events.

Tuition Assistance Fund
St. Pius X School began a tuition assistance fund in 1982 in order to provide for the financial future of Catholic Education for students of the parish. This fund is named after Father Francis X. Toner, S.T., a Pastor of St. Pius X Parish for more than twenty years. The St. Pius X School Endowment Fund was founded in 1984. Since then both funds have been combined and renamed the Fr. Francis X. Toner, St. Pius X School Endowment Fund. Donations may be made at any time and may be listed in wills for investment in the future of the children who will attend the school in years to come.

The Sabato Scholarship Fund
The Nuncy Joseph Sabato and Margaret Simmons Sabato Scholarship Fund is designed to provide financial reward to students who attend St. Pius X School. Each year two or more students are selected for these awards. (The money awarded is equally divided among female and male students.) Some of the factors taken into consideration by the selection committee are: teacher recommendation, academic achievement, personal initiative, and character traits of the students. The recipients receive a certificate stating the amount that will be applied to their tuition for the coming school year. The award presentation is made at the Honors Convocation in June.
Nuncy & Margaret Sabato Scholarship Application

The Cayce Castelow Scholarship Fund
The scholarship will be awarded to a student who is well-rounded and upholds the virtues of
St. Pius X School. He/she must have good grades, as well as, participate in sports and extracurricular activities. The applicant must also give service to the community, and be a friend and mentor to St. Pius X students… who appreciates and values his/her beloved Alma Mater, “St. Pius X School”. The award presentation is made at the Honors Convocation in June.
Cayce Castelow Memorial Scholarship Application